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September weather wrap-up

The month of September is now behind us and we now take a look back at what we came away with weather-wise.  A brief synopsis of the month r…

WC Chance Cultural Center

First Alert Meteorologist Dontae Jones visited the kids of WC Chance Cultural Center in Robersonville.

June weather wrap-up

The weather review for the month of June is in and it was actually average for the most part. Temperatures were within a couple of degrees o…

Afterschool B.E.L.L.S

The Afterschool B.E.L.L.S (Building & Enhancing Literacy and Life Skills) of Windsor in Bertie County came by to tour the WNCT-TV9 Studio

Weather From Across The World

We’ve been baking this week with temperatures in the 90s with humidity and sunshine but this is a cool, refreshing stretch compared to the h…