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Kidcam: Lakeforest Elementary School

Fist Alert Meteorologists Dontae Jones and Megan Lindsey visited the kindergarten students of Lakeforest Elementary School in Greenville to …

January Weather Summary

February is starting out much warmer than January did. The first week of January was quite frigid. To top that, we had a couple of snow stor…

Kidcam: Jamesville Elementary School

First Alert Meteorologists Megan Lindsey and Dontae Jones visited the 2nd and 5th graders of Jamesville Elementary to talk about weather.

Kidcam: Spring Creek Elementary School

First Alert Meteorologists Dontae Jones and Megan Lindsey visited the 4th graders of Spring Creek Elementary School in Goldsboro to talk wea…

Kidcam: Princeton High School

The Journalism Class of Princeton High School in Johnston County toured our studio with Meteorologist Dontae Jones.

Kidcam: Windsor Elementary School

First Alert Meteorologist Megan Lindsey visited the 5th grade students of Windsor Elementary School to talk weather.

October Weather Wrap-Up

Well November has come in and so far its mark is being felt as cloudy, rainy and cool but what about October? What type of weather did we le…

September weather wrap-up

The month of September is now behind us and we now take a look back at what we came away with weather-wise.  A brief synopsis of the month r…