Some ECU fans call for AD Jeff Compher to be fired

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – For a second straight home game, some fans put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their desires for ECU to fire Athletic Director Jeff Compher.

Before Saturday’s game versus Temple, a plane flew around the Greenville skies displaying a banner that read, “Fire Compher. Go Pirates!”

Those behind the banner said they are still upset about ECU giving Compher a 5-year extension over the summer, which raised his annual salary to $435,000. They said it was the wrong move, given the performance of ECU teams on the field.

Before Saturday’s game, WNCT caught up with some ECU fans to get their take on the banner.

“I think its awesome,” said Joe Alexander. “It’s a good message.”

But others felt the calls to fire Compher were premature and unnecessary.

“It’s just football, we need to go through the season and see how it turns out and see what the promise is for next year,” said Bill Diuguid. “We’ve been coming here for years, good and bad seasons, football goes in cycles.”

When asked to comment, Compher sent the following statement to WNCT:

“An attempt on my behalf to directly respond to an individual’s opinion and actions would offer credibility to a negative attack. Instead, my focus will remain where it always has – on our student-athletes and coaches who represent ECU with pride on and off the field, along with a loyal fan base who provides unconditional support. There is nothing to be gained by negativity other than to acknowledge it is contrary to our purpose.”

The Pirates(1-5) fell to the Temple Owls on Saturday. They head to Orlando next week for a match-up against UCF.