Cat’s cradle: House cat museum opens in North Carolina

Courtesy: Brett Coburn

SYLVA, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina man has opened a one-of-a-kind museum, dedicated to the house cat.

The Charlotte Observer reports ( ) that the American Museum of the House Cat opened April 1 in Sylva and includes 10,000 artifacts in its collection. The museum was founded by retired college professor and cat shelter owner Harold Sims, known as “The Cat Man.” He intends to impart the history of the house cat, its place of origin and migration and its relationship with humans over time.

The museum has clawed out a niche as the only American museum to venerate the domestic cat. Highlights of the collection include a petrified cat pulled from a 16th century English chimney —whiskers intact— and a bronze of the Egyptian feline goddess Bastet, dating back to 600 B.C.


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