Cooper, Democrats pressuring Gov. McCrory to concede

Roy Cooper & Pat McCrory

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Leading gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper and fellow Democrats are intensifying efforts to pressure Republican incumbent Pat McCrory to concede.

The outgoing attorney general unveiled Monday his transition team and a web site for people interested in working in his administration. And Democratic lawmakers held news conferences across the state to repeat Cooper’s arguments that there’s no way McCrory can win. Unofficial results show Cooper leads McCrory by 6,550 votes.

McCrory shows no signs of giving up. His campaign points to formal protests in dozens of counties alleging absentee fraud and ineligible ballots and says Cooper doesn’t want the process to work itself out. Some counties wrapped up their tabulations Monday but all 100 counties have to finish before the trailing candidate in the race can seek a statewide recount.