Federal lawsuit: NC sheriff tolerated abuse by “KKK” deputy

LILLINGTON, N.C. (AP) — The family of a man fatally shot after refusing to allow a warrantless search of his home last year is suing a North Carolina sheriff and his predecessor, accusing them of failing to counteract a history of abusing and harassing the public.

News outlets report the lawsuit was filed Wednesday, one year after 33-year-old John Livingston of Lillington was confronted by deputy Nicholas Kehagias while sitting on his front porch.

Five other individuals have joined the lawsuit, which accuses Kehagias and two other deputies whose surnames begin with the letter K of calling themselves the “KKK” and training together in a type of “fight club.”

The Harnett County deputy said he feared for his life after his argument with Livingston turned physical, and a grand jury refused to indict him.