County by County: Lenoir County officials brief media on flooding impacts

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Beaufort County: Flooding has had a big impact on a number of areas in Beaufort County and the Health Department is reminding people of the potential public health risks associated with flash flooding.

In relation to flooding, the main risks relate to injuries caused by hidden debris under the water, food contamination during power outages, and coming in contact with flood waters. Also, the stress and anxiety of being flooded and cleaning up can have a notable impact on mental health and wellbeing.

The risk of becoming ill is generally low. However, as it is not always clear whether water is contaminated or not, we strongly encourage the public to be cautious and assume flood water is contaminated.

There are a number of precautions to prevent health problems if there is a flood situation in the home.  These include:

  • Wherever possible try to avoid coming into direct contact with floodwater;
  • Do not let children play in floodwater;
  • Use rubber gloves when cleaning up;
  • Wash hands after being in contact with flood water, sewage or anything contaminated by these;
  • Wash children’s hands regularly;
  • Clean toys that have been in flood water with a disinfectant such as bleach;
  • Cover cuts or open sores;
  • Do not eat any food that has been in contact with flood water;
  • Clean all surfaces with bleach before any food is placed on them;
  • Clean wells (preferable by a professional and have well tested prior to using);
  • Contact your doctor if you or a relative develops an upset stomach following flooding or sustain a major cut. The doctor may recommend tetanus shot after the wound is cleaned.

The health department is currently monitoring the health care system for the number of diseases and risk reported related to flooding. Currently, there have not been any increases in Gastrointestinal and respiratory disease occurrences.

For more information on food and water safety visit the FDA info page:

For information related to safety visit the CDC page:

Beaufort County announces that the pick up and removal of all Vegetative and C&D (Construction and Demolition) debris will begin Monday October 16, 2016 within Beaufort County and other communities. The schedule for your local area pickup will be published in the very near future.  Vegetative and C&D debris will be picked up off of any state and municipal governments (as listed above) maintained right-of-ways within Beaufort County.  If preparations have not already been made, residents should start the process of moving this debris out to the roadway in front of their homes.  We request that the residents take great care in ensuring that all debris is stacked within the right of way but well off the road so as not to impede traffic or create unsafe driving conditions.  Approved C&D debris consists of flood-damaged furniture, dry wall, curtains, mattresses, as well as shingles, studs, insulation, and other structural damages as a result of Hurricane Matthew.  FEMA guidelines prohibit the Beaufort County contractor from picking up or removing debris that was deposited by a contractor paid by a private resident.  FEMA states that homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the removal of a demolished home and this coverage prohibits Beaufort County from removal of this debris.  FEMA rules state that if a resident hires a contractor to demo their residential or commercial structure and load it into a container for shipment, that the contractor and home owner then becomes liable for removal of the debris to an approved and licensed landfill.  Beaufort County will not be reimbursed for any debris that is a result of demolition from a licensed contractor.  Due to the wide spread nature of the debris area we urge residents to be patient as our crews work to complete this removal.  Beaufort County has received, and is investigating complaints, of debris dumping that is not a result of damage from Hurricane Matthew.  All cases of dumping of trash or debris that is not related to the storm event is a crime and will be investigated.  We urge all residents with questions or complaints to call Beaufort County Emergency Management at 946-2046.

Carteret CountyBeaufort: Public Works will begin collecting storm debris starting Monday, Oct.17 . This is in addition to the regular trash collection schedule of the following:
• Trash Pickup: Mondays
• Recycling: Tuesdays
• Yard Debris and Bulk Items: Wednesdays

Craven CountyCraven County Emergency Management has added recovery to its efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  A Central Receiving and Distribution Point has been established at the Amital Warehouse and Storage facility located in the Craven County industrial area near B/S/H Home Appliances Corporation at 197 Bosch Boulevard.  Amital has volunteered their facility and manpower to assist Craven County Emergency Management with the receipt and distribution of donations.  The Central Receiving and Distribution Point began operations at 12:00 p.m. today.

The next stage of the disaster recovery process will be for Craven County Emergency Management to establish a Disaster Assistance Center (DAC) in a location near the affected population to provide a one-stop location for citizens to apply for disaster assistance and other benefits available to them through support agencies.  Arrangements are being made to establish a DAC but it has not been determined when the DAC will be open.

Several resources are currently available for those impacted by Hurricane Matthew and related flooding.  The American Red Cross Mobile Feeding station is providing two meals a day at locations in Vanceboro.  The Farm Life Elementary Emergency Shelter also remains open for citizens in flooded areas with nowhere else to go.  A map of flooded areas and road closures in Craven County is available on the county website at to help citizens plan travel routes.  More than 100 Craven County employees and community volunteers are providing assistance to the affected communities.

Craven County Emergency Management has received an outpouring of citizens and groups requesting to make donations to assist those impacted by Hurricane Matthew and related flooding.  Citizens and groups wishing to drop off donations can deliver items to Religious Community Services (RCS), the Salvation Army and Vanceboro Christian Help.

RCS is located at 919 George Street in New Bern.  RCS will be accepting personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, baby supplies and non-perishable food items.  To schedule a donation drop off or to request assistance from RCS call 252-633-2767.

Salvation Army is located at 1402 Rhem Avenue in New Bern.  The Salvation Army will be accepting donations of clothing, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, baby supplies and non-perishable food items. To schedule a donation drop off or to request assistance from the Salvation Army call 252-637-2277.

Vanceboro Christian Help is located at 411 White Street in Vanceboro.  Vanceboro Christian Help will be accepting donations of clothing, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, baby supplies and non-perishable food items. To schedule a donation drop off or to request assistance from Vanceboro Christian Help call 252-244-1141.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has not activated a disaster Food and Nutrition Services Program at this time.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires states to use the regular Food and Nutrition Services Program first in an effort to meet the needs of citizens impacted by the disaster.  A Presidential Individual Assistance Declaration is required before a disaster program can be considered for recipients not currently receiving Food and Nutrition Services. Craven County has not received the Individual Assistance Declaration.  Anyone not currently receiving Food and Nutrition Services may apply at any time with their local county department of social services office or apply using the online application at  Anyone currently receiving Food and Nutrition Services who experienced a food loss must contact their local county department of social services within 10 calendar days from the date of the food loss and request a replacement of benefits. Craven County citizens can call the Craven County Department of Social Services at 252-636-4900 or walk-ins are accepted at 2818 Neuse Boulevard in New Bern.

For more information and resource referrals call the Craven County Emergency Operations Center at 252-636-6608.

Currituck County: Citizens in Currituck County should report any major damage or destroyed homes from Hurricane Matthew to Emergency Management at 252-232-2115. This information will assist FEMA in determining who may qualify for individual assistance.

For more information, contact Mary Beth Newns, E.M. Director, at 252-232-2115 or

Currituck County Government is activating a pre-positioned contract for the collection of vegetative storm debris caused by Hurricane Matthew. A schedule for the collection is being determined at this time and will be publicized when the dates are final.

Residents who live on public streets in Currituck County may place ONLY VEGETATIVE STORM DEBRIS in the right of way for collection. Vegetative storm debris refers to downed trees and limbs caused by Hurricane Matthew. The collection WILL NOT include any other materials, such as damaged carpet, white goods, siding, roof shingles, or other trash.

Citizens must adhere to the following criteria when placing vegetative storm debris in the right of way:

  • Do not block drainage ditches or other drainage features;
  • Do not block motorists’ sight lines near intersections or driveways;
  • Do not let vegetative storm debris touch or overhang road pavement;
  • Do not place vegetative storm debris within 4 feet of mailboxes or signage;
  • Piles of debris must be no larger than 6 feet x 6 feet in order to be picked up.

The collection WILL ONLY take place on public streets, and WILL ONLY collect debris that is properly stationed in the right of way. Debris trucks WILL NOT travel down private roads or collect debris from private property.

If the public has questions regarding the collection, contact Currituck Public Works at (252) 232-2504.

Dare County: There is currently unrestricted access to all areas of Dare County north of Oregon Inlet and for the Hatteras Island villages of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton and Frisco. Beginning Saturday, access restrictions will be lifted for all areas of Dare County, including Hatteras Village.

It is important for visitors to check with their rental company or accommodations provider to confirm reservations before traveling to the area since some properties were impacted and require repairs. Also, please be mindful that many residents and businesses of the island have suffered significant impacts and are in the process of recovering so your patience and understanding is truly appreciated.

Debris Collection for Unincorporated Areas of Dare County Dare County is working with contractors to establish the schedule and details for storm debris removal. Until it is known whether debris on any private roads or areas in the county will be covered by FEMA, ALL STORM GENERATED DEBRIS MUST BE PLACED ON A PUBLIC STREET ON THE PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY. A schedule for debris removal will be announced as soon as available. Residents should separate the debris as follows and place on a public street in the public right-of-way:
VEGETATIVE DEBRIS (whole trees, tree stumps, tree branches, tree trunks and other leafymaterial)
CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS (damaged components of buildings and structures such lumber and wood, wall board, glass, metal, roofing materials, tile, furnishings, and fixtures)
HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE (materials that are ignitable, reactive, toxic or corrosivesuch as paints, cleaners, pesticides, etc.)
WHITE GOODS (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, heat pumps, ovens, ranges, washingmachines, clothes dryers and water heaters)
ELECTRONIC WASTE (computers, televisions, office electronic equipment, etc.)
Only loose debris will be collected, bagged debris should not be placed on the public right-of-way.

For updated information regarding access to Ocracoke Island, visit

National Park Service

The National Park Service reports that the Frisco Campground is open as of 7:00 am on Friday..

Town of Southern Shores

The projected start date for the Town’s FEMA debris collection contractor is Monday, October 24th.

Property owners with debris generated as a direct result of Hurricane Matthew should place the debris in the right-of-way of a public street closest to the point of generation. To the extent possible, keep debris off the pavement and on the shoulder of the public street. As this is a FEMA regulated pick-up, debris may not be picked up from a private street, lane, or parking lot. Storm-generated debris from any property located on a private street must be transported to the right-of-way of a public street to guarantee pick-up. This applies to private streets, lanes, and parking lots owned by a homeowners association.

Debris must be placed in separate piles according to type:

  • Vegetative debris (consists of tree parts, limbs, branches, leaves, etc.) DO NOT BAG LEAVES
  • Construction and Demolition debris (consist of shingles, siding, boards, wallboard, destroyed/flooded furniture, etc.)
  • White goods (destroyed/flooded appliances)

Town, County, and State officials continue to be aware of the flooded streets, including NC Highway 12, in Southern Shores, as well as flooded streets and roads in all parts of Dare County and other Towns. Due to high rain fall and high water table at the time of the storm, the large areas of standing water will most likely continue to slowly recede and dissipate. Caution and slow speed is urged when driving through standing water.

The Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) rule 7H.2500 emergency permit has been activated for replacement of structures in the estuarine system (piers, bulkheads, etc), reconstruction of dune systems, and maintenance dredging within man-made canals/ditches filled in by Hurricane Matthew.

Emergency permits may only be issued by the NC Division of Coastal Management Office in Elizabeth City by contacting 252-264-3901.

If a structure is considered imminently threatened, a property owner may obtain an exemption approval for beach bulldozing or importing sand from the Town’s Local Permit Officer (LPO), (252) 261-2394, ext. 4)

Rescheduled Flu Clinic

The Flu Clinic that was canceled at the Baum Center on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 20, 2016 from 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM.

Notice to Private Well Owners in Dare County

If flooding has occurred around your well, Dare County Department of Health & Human Services recommends that you have your water tested. Until tests on samples indicate water is safe, please use the following precautions:

  • Boil water for at least five minutes at a full rolling boil before drinking, cooking, making ice or using for hygiene purposes (such as bathing, brushing teeth, etc).
  • Infants under six months and pregnant women should not drink boiled water, because boiled water could concentrate harmful nitrates. It is recommended these individuals drink bottled water, if unavailable, boiled water is preferred over untreated drinking water sources.

Continue these precautions until results on samples taken since the flooding show the water is safe.

Private well users should contact the Dare County Department of Health & Human Services’ Public Health Division for more information at 252.475.5003 or 252.475.5080.

Debris Collection for Unincorporated Areas of Dare County

Dare County Emergency Management and Public Works are working with contractors to establish the schedule for storm debris collection and prioritizing debris removal based on areas that can be safely accessed. A schedule for debris removal will be announced as soon as available.

For now, residents of impacted areas that can safely do so, are asked to place any storm-generated debris on the public right-of-way. The public right-of-way is the area of residential property that extends from the street to the easement, ditch, utility pole or sidewalk. Residents should separate the debris as follows:

  • VEGETATIVE DEBRIS (whole trees, tree stumps, tree branches, tree trunks and other leafy material)
  • CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS (damaged components of buildings and structures such lumber and wood, wall board, glass, metal, roofing materials, tile, furnishings, and fixtures)
  • HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE (materials that are ignitable, reactive, toxic or corrosive such as paints, cleaners, pesticides, etc.)
  • WHITE GOODS (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, heat pumps, ovens, ranges, washing machines, clothes dryers and water heaters)
  • ELECTRONIC WASTE (computers, televisions, office electronic equipment, etc.)

Only loose debris will be collected, bagged debris should not be placed on the public rightof-way.

Do not place debris near a water meter vault, fire hydrant or any other above-ground utility. Only debris placed on the public right-of-way will be eligible for collection until further notice.

The County contractors will make multiple passes through the impacted areas. If residents cannot safely set out debris at this time, or if contractors cannot safely enter impacted areas, additional debris removal passes will be scheduled. The County urges all residents to make personal safety a top priority, and only set out debris if it is safe to do so at this time.

FEMA Information

Dare County is working with the State of North Carolina to provide information to ensure that everything is in place to pursue FEMA disaster assistance for individuals who have suffered loss.

Even though eligibility for individual assistance has not been determined for Dare County, you may go ahead and complete a FEMA application to speed up the process once eligibility for assistance is determined. For information on FEMA programs and to apply online visit

Documentation for Past Travel Restrictions

Visitors to Dare County and the Currituck Outer Banks requesting documentation of past travel restrictions for insurance purposes may visit to download necessary documents. Documents will be updated as travel restrictions are lifted.

Updated Information

Bulletins will continue to be issued as needed by Dare County Emergency Management. From this point forward, each of the agencies participating in the Joint Information Center will release their information independently.

Edgecombe County:The State of Emergency declared by Edgecombe County officials remains in effect until further notice. Although the water level has crested, there is still a significant amount of water in the Town of Princeville, therefore, the Town of Princeville still remains under a mandatory evacuation. County officials are currently assessing damages and setting up the Disaster Relief Center. FEMA is anticipated to be onsite in Edgecombe County by the middle of next week. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the FEMA website at  or call at 1-800-621-3362 to begin your application process. Several roads remain closed throughout Edgecombe County. Please refer to or call 511 for more information. The official shelters at Tarboro High School and Martin Millennium Academy remain open, as well as other community shelters.

The Edgecombe County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is helping to coordinate donations of goods for Edgecombe County. The donation management site is located at 3006 Anaconda Road, Tarboro, NC, which will be open every day from 10:00am – 4:00pm until further notice. All donations and volunteer efforts should be coordinated and directed through the Edgecombe County EOC at 252-824-0108. Please note, this is only a drop-off site. Current immediate donations that are needed are: towels, washcloths and pillows. A temporary distribution site has been set up at the Chamber of Commerce at 509 Trade Street, Tarboro, NC. This location will be open from October 14th through October 17th, from 10:00am – 7:00pm. To make a monetary donation, visit

For general information, requests, or to make a donation, please call the Edgecombe County Emergency Operations Center at 252-824-0108. For updates on the radio, please tune in to FM 105.7.

Road Closings:

  • US64 East and Westbound near NC33
  • Nobles Mill Pond Ln. near Maybell Ln.
  • NC33 @ Pitt County line
  • NC33 @shiloh Farm-NC33 @ 64 Princeville
  • All roads in town of Princeville
  • Shiloh Farm Road
  • US 258N @NC122N Tarboro
  • Daniel St Exit Tarboro
  • US 64 Alt West Near Lake Valley Bridge is out
  • Dunbar Rd. @ 97 W Battleboro
  • US 258 N Batts Chapel Rd Leggett
  • Roberson School Rd. @ Pitt County Line

Greene County: The curfew in Greene County has been lifted and Greene County Administrative offices resumed regular  hours Friday.

The shelter at Greene Central High School is still open.  If you are in need of going to the shelter, please contact Greene County Emergency Services at 252-747-2544.

Transition to a recovery process is beginning soon, when information becomes available from Federal, State, and Local Agencies, we will relay it to you.  Once the water recedes, we will aid you in the capacity that is needed.  We realize this process does not end when the water recedes.

Greene County Emergency Services will post updates on Facebook and on our local website.  If you need assistance, call the Greene County Emergency Services Office at 252-747-2544.

Hyde County: Hyde County is transitioning from response to recovery and the coalition of federal, state, local, and private partners have made significant progress. As of Wednesday, the list of accomplishments and pending items include:

  • Local propane vendors are assessing damages, resetting propane tanks and making repairs.
  • National Park Service is assessing beach access ramps, boat ramps and other infrastructure. The NPS boat ramp is not accessible.
  • Ocracoke Health Center is open and has received medicine and supplies with assistance from the United States Coast Guard.
  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS) ground transports have resumed with the restoration of ferry services to Hatteras.
  • Hyde County Department of Social Services will be initiating post-disaster programs to help those who receive food and nutrition services, once the necessary declarations have been received. Please contact Hyde DSS at 252-926-4476 for more information on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
  • Hyde County has waived all permit fees for reconstruction necessary due to Hurricane Matthew, however permits are still required by the Hyde County Building Inspector’s Office.
  • Insurance adjusters are being allowed access to Ocracoke if they possess valid credentials.
  • A delivery of groceries to the island will not occur until Thursday, October 20th at the earliest.
  • Hyde County Health Department and Building Inspector’s Office need to visit Ocracoke to assess food and building safety.
  • Hyde County has requested an Individual Assistance declaration.

Hyde County has not yet established a date for releasing the visitor restriction, however it will not be this weekend. We will do so only after all issues regarding health and safety have been addressed.

A State of Emergency remains in effect and Ocracoke still has much work to do before lifting the visitor restriction. Hyde County’s debris removal contractor will be on island this evening to determine equipment and personnel needs. Attached, please find instructions detailing how your debris should be separated and placed within the NCDOT right-of-way to be retrieved. Please do not transport storm debris to the convenience sites as the facilities have limited capacity for the volumes expected. Most Hyde County convenience sites are now open and operating on normal schedules, except the Fairfield site which remains flooded.

The Fairfield Drainage District has declared a drainage emergency due to inundation from the Alligator River which is impacting mitigation structures in the district. Hyde County is coordinating with the Fairfield Drainage District and Mattamuskeet Association to identify and obtain resources for their response and recovery efforts. There is standing water on NC Hwy 94 between Fairfield and Columbia at the Northwest Fork. NCDOT and Hyde County urge commuters to find alternate routes to and from Hyde County.

Tideland EMC has almost completely restored services in Hyde County, however there have been intermittent power outages since restoration of transmission to Ocracoke.

NCDOT Ferry Division has restored all services to Ocracoke Island. The Ferry Division began runs to and from Hatteras this morning and for today, operations will be restricted to daylight hours only. Please refer to for the latest ferry information.

At this time residents, non-resident property owners, vendors and essential service personnel are allowed access to the village. Please be prepared to show documentation of the aforementioned statuses to gain access to the island. Individuals wishing to gain access will need to have the appropriate reentry tag or they will be required to produce evidence of property ownership or residency. There has been no determination as to when visitors will be allowed access.

If traveling throughout North Carolina, please refer to or for the latest road closures and routes open to travel. When using the TIMS site, you must select the region or individual counties you are traveling through to obtain specific information regarding your travel plans.

Water is still standing on many roadways and properties in Hyde County, please do not drive though flood waters or on flooded roads. Water only two feet deep can sweep away most automobiles. Death can occur as a result of careless or unsuspecting motorists who attempt to drive through flooded roads. Turn Around. Don’t Drown. If your vehicle is flooded please disconnect the battery cables to prevent a fire from occurring.

Please be advised, flood waters may contain sewage and other harmful contaminants. Keep children and pets out of flood waters.

Please maintain awareness and monitor for further updates from Hyde County Public Information.

Lenoir County: Officials briefed media on Wednesday as communities continue to deal with flooding impacts from Hurricane Matthew.

The conference was held at the Kinston-Lenoir County Public Library at 2:30 p.m.

There is a curfew in the city of Kinston from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM in the areas affected by flooding only.   All other areas of the city are not under a curfew.

Flood waters will continue to slowly recede but remain above major flood levels until at least Wednesday.

As flood waters recede, the North Carolina Department of Transportation will begin inspecting roadways, bridges and right of ways to ensure they are safe for travel. Lenoir County officials will inspect structures and flooded areas for damage, electrical and utility hazards, health concerns and structural integrity of infrastructure. Please note that this process will take some time and it is being completed as diligently and safely as possible.

Traffic is flowing again along U.S. 70 in Kinston after flooding shut down the highway last week. Business owners in Kinston were allowed access to their businesses along the U.S. 70 corridor at noon Tuesday. Around 2 p.m. the roadway reopened to all traffic. An NCDOT spokesman warned that motorists should use caution, however, when exiting the highway to side streets.

All Lenoir County Public Schools facilities will be will be closed to students Monday through Friday of this week. A decision on workdays for staff will be made as soon as possible.

Please be mindful that road blocks and barricades are placed for your safety. Driving around barricades is extremely dangerous and may lead to injury or death. The only personnel allowed within barricades will be First Responders, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Public Works, and residents that stayed in their homes and did not evacuate during the flood. Residents that evacuated will not be allowed until the water has receded and inspections have been completed.

If the water has receded in your area, please notify the Lenoir County EOC at 252-559-1911 so that officials can be dispatched to begin inspections as soon as possible. Once previously flooded areas are cleared as safe, only residents and property owners with proof of identification will be allowed to access the area.

An interactive map of the mandatory evacuation area and current road closings in Lenoir County can be found at

Monetary Donations: Financial contributions can be made to the Lenoir/Greene United Way at All contributed funds will stay in Lenoir and Greene counties to assist families impacted by flooding.

Volunteers: As Lenoir County prepares to move into recovery mode, there will be a tremendous need throughout the county. Volunteers wishing to assist with cleanup and recovery efforts may call the Lenoir County Emergency Operations Center at 252-559-1911 and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator.

Donations of Supplies: A Community Donation Center has been opened at Vernon Park Mall in the old Expressions location behind Burger King. It will be open daily from 10am to 5:30pm.

Community Donation Center
834 Hardee Rd.
Kinston, NC 28504

Supplies Needed

  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
  • Towels and Wash Cloths
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Adult Diapers
  • Baby Food
  • Snacks
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Trash Bags
  • Plastic Totes
  • Coolers
  • Unopened Socks, Underwear and T-shirts

Storm Debris: Lenoir County enacted a debris management contract and crews will begin picking up storm related debris in the next few days in parts of the county that are accessible. This will include the City of Kinston, Town of La Grange and Town of Pink Hill. Please ensure that your debris does not block roadways or storm drains. See this flyer for information about how to separate your debris and place it appropriately for pickup: English – | Spanish –

Drone Flight Restriction: A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) has been issued for Lenoir County. Operation of drones under 400ft is restricted until further notice.

Curfew: A curfew remains in effect from 9pm to 7am nightly for Lenoir County and the City of Kinston until further notice. Residents are encouraged to stay home and continue to monitor local media outlets for the latest information.

Shelters: Two shelters are currently open for displaced residents in Lenoir County, one at the Lenoir Community College Student Center (Pet Shelter) and one at the Kinston High School Gymnasium (no pets). Only service animals will be allowed in the shelter with their owner. All other pets will be housed on the Lenoir Community College Campus. If you bring your pet to the shelter, you will need to bring a three day supply of food per pet, bowls, crates, and leashes. Care of your pet(s) while at the shelter is the sole responsibility of the owner. If you need assistance with evacuating to the shelter, please contact Lenoir County Emergency Operations Center at 252-559-1911.

Shelter Locations:
Lenoir Community College (Pets can be accommodated)
Student Center (Building 2)
231 North Carolina Hwy 58
Kinston, NC 28504

Kinston High School (No pets)
2601 North Queen St.
Kinston, NC 28501

Please follow Lenoir County Emergency Services on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information.


Martin County: On October 17th, Martin County was added to FEMA’s Individual Assistance (IA) and Public Assistance (PA) lists for Hurricane Matthew.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Individuals and Households Program (IHP) provides financial help or direct services to those who have necessary expenses and serious needs if they are unable to meet these needs through other means. The following forms of help are available:

  • Housing Assistance (including Temporary Housing, Repair, Replacement, and Semi-Permanent or Permanent Housing Construction), and
  • Other Needs Assistance (including personal property and other items)

As soon as possible, persons with Matthew storm damage or property loss need to initiate filing for assistance by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362); or, they may file online at

After registering with FEMA, citizens are asked to call the Martin County Department of Social Services (DSS) at 252-789-4460 to advise that they have registered with FEMA.

Additionally, Martin County farmers affected by recent heavy rains, flooding and other qualifying natural disaster events related to Hurricane Matthew are urged to contact the Farm Service Agency (FSA) office in Martin County to investigate disaster assistance and low-interest loan programs available to assist agricultural producers in their recovery efforts. The FSA office is located at 104 Kehukee Park Rd., Williamston (phone: 252-792-7197).  Also, more information about the resources available to farmers is available online at:

Nash County: Rocky Mount: On Friday afternoon, Oct. 14, 2016, City Manager Charles Penny informed the mayor and members of the City Council of a mechanical hydraulic malfunction at the Tar River Water Supply Reservoir. Due to the volume of flood water associated with Hurricane Matthew, the southernmost gate drifted below its normal position of 125 feet to a level of 122 feet. The situation could not be identified previously due to the volume of water coming through the reservoir as a result of Hurricane Matthew. Once identified, staff tried to manually correct the situation and was unable to do so until approximately 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening, Oct. 14, 2016. The gate was raised when the volume of water subsided and the hydraulic controls were able to overcome the upstream water pressure.

Due to the flood waters associated with Hurricane Matthew, the water in the reservoir rose to a maximum recorded elevation of 127.58 feet, which exceeds the height of the dam by 2 feet 7 inches. On Thursday morning, Oct. 13, 2016, the reading was 126.67 feet. On Friday morning, Oct. 14, 2016, the reading was 126.5 feet. Later that day, at 12 p.m., the reading was 124.33 feet which allowed staff to observe the gate had drifted approximately 3 feet below its normal position.

The reservoir has two hydraulic gates. The northern gate was not affected by the storm. On Sept. 23, 2016, staff identified a problem with the southern gate and a contractor was on site on Sept. 26, 2016. The parts were ordered on that date and delivered on Sept. 30, 2016.

“The situation with the gate could not have occurred at a worse time and was exacerbated by the volume of water from Hurricane Matthew,” said Penny.

Given the impact of Hurricane Matthew on the hydraulic controls at the dam, Penny has directed the Public Works & Water Resources Department to engage a consultant experienced with dam inspection to review the conditions at the Tar River Water Supply Reservoir and provide a report within the next 90 days regarding the condition of the dam and recommendations to minimize the likelihood of a similar malfunction in the future. Input from the Army Corps of Engineers will also be requested. The repair will be scheduled once voluntary water conservation ends and during a low flow/low demand period, typically occurring in late December or early January.

“At this time, we understand that notification at this point may raise more questions than we are able to answer,” said Mayor David Combs. “However, we thought it would be in the public’s best interest to notify everyone of this situation. Our thoughts and prayers remain with all citizens in Rocky Mount and eastern North Carolina, and we are continuing to monitor the reservoir daily.”

North Carolina residents who suffered losses and damage as a result of Hurricane Matthew can get information about federal assistance at a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) currently open in the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences, located at 270 Gay St. in Rocky Mount. The center is projected to be open today through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. An end date for the center is dependent upon the number of people who attend.

Representatives from North Carolina Emergency Management, FEMA and the U.S. Small Business Administration are available at the DRC to help survivors apply for federal disaster assistance and to answer questions about disaster assistance and low-interest disaster loans.

Additionally, the DRC may provide assistance on grants for temporary housing and home repairs, as well as for medical and dental expenses or funeral and burial costs. Specialists can also provide referrals to agencies that may give further assistance and check the status of a FEMA application. If possible, residents should register with FEMA before visiting a recovery center. Registration may be completed online at

While visiting with a recovery specialist is not a requirement for survivors seeking disaster assistance, the centers are an excellent way for people to get answers to questions about disaster aid, to receive registration assistance and to gather information on housing assistance and rental resources. In fact, a FEMA Housing Assessment Team has started traveling into Nash and Edgecombe counties to determine the options for temporary housing for those displaced.

For more information, call the FEMA Helpline at 1-800-621-3362 (FEMA). Persons who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability may call 1-800-462-7585. All disaster recovery centers are accessible and equipped with tools to accommodate disaster survivors who need disability-related communication aids. The toll-free numbers are open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week.

Pamlico County: Representatives from Pamlico Community College, Pamlico County Government, Pamlico County Sheriff’s Department, Pamlico County School Systems, and Pamlico County Chamber of Commerce met yesterday to discuss ways in which Pamlico County can help those impacted by Hurricane Matthew and its lasting effects on our region.

Pamlico Community College noticed there was a need for donation drop-off locations in this area. Instead of working alone as separate organizations, Pamlico County decided to come together as one to help coordinate the County’s disaster relief effort, naming the effort, “Pamlico Pays it Forward.”

“Pamlico County encourages our citizens to donate time, supplies, or funds to Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts in eastern North Carolina,” says Tim Buck, Pamlico County Manager.  “Residents, businesses, and non -profits throughout North Carolina greatly assisted Pamlico County in our own recovery after Hurricane Irene.  Likewise, this is an excellent opportunity for our County to demonstrate its support for our fellow North Carolina neighbors.”

Pamlico County has designated four donation drop-off locations:

Pamlico Community College
5049 NC Hwy 306 S. Grantsboro
(252) 249-1851
Drop-off times: Monday – Thursday
7:30am – 7:00pm

Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office
200 Main St, Bayboro
(252) 745-3101
Drop-off times: 24/7

Pamlico County Chamber of Commerce
10642 NC-55, Grantsboro
(252) 745-3008
Drop-off times: Monday – Friday
8am – 4pm

Oriental Town Hall
507 Church St, Oriental
(252) 249-0555
Drop-off times: Monday – Thursday
8am – 4pm

These drop-off locations are collecting:

  • Water
  • Juices
  • Wrapper Snacks
  • Toiletries
  • Diapers
  • Baby formula
  • Pet items
  • Clothing items
  • Home goods
  • Cleaning supplies

“We were put on this earth to help others, which is why when the need arose, Pamlico Community College stepped up to help. The way in which Pamlico County came together highlights the County’s sense of teamwork and willingness and desire to help others in need,” says Dr. Jim Ross, Pamlico Community College President.

If you would like more information about “Pamlico Pays it Forward” or would like to help volunteer to sort donated items, please contact Pamlico Community College’s Director of Public Affairs, Townley Cheek, at 252-249-1851 x 3009.

Pitt County: Due to the exceptional response of nearly 500 volunteer registrations, the Pitt County Volunteer Resource Coordinator has suspended the Volunteer Hotline and associated Volunteer Registration and Request forms on the Hurricane Matthew Information page of the Pitt County Website. Coordination staff is continuing to match registered volunteers with appropriate requests. Anyone still wishing to volunteer from this point forward is encouraged to contact credible non-profit agencies currently operating in their area directly.

Donations of non-perishable foods and other goods are still being accepted today at either of the two Community Donation Centers, open 9:00am – 4:00pm at the following locations:
∙ Mount Pleasant Christian Church, 1726 Staton House Road, Greenville NC 27834
∙ Taft Family Offices, 2561 Mills Street, Winterville, NC 28590
(Directly across from the Winterville Town Hall)

Response from Pitt County citizens in their willingness to help their neighbors during this time of need has been nothing short of inspiring, and truly personifies the Pitt County vision of Leader in the State; Best in the East.

The Pitt County Animal Shelter has established special extended hours throughout the week of October 17 – 22, 2016, to accommodate the reclamation of pets housed in the facilities during Hurricane Matthew and the following recovery efforts. Pets will be released only to the individuals who originally dropped them off, and proper identification will be required to ensure ownership.

These special extended hours at the Shelter will be:

 ∙ Monday – Friday, October 17 – 21, 2016 ∙ 8:00pm – 6:00pm

 ∙ Saturday, October 22, 2016 ∙ 11:00am – 4:00pm  

Currently, there is no deadline set for pet reclamation; however owners who are able to reclaim their pets are urged to do so, as the Shelter begins to transition from emergency housing operations back to its regular hours and operational procedures.

Pitt County Emergency Management in conjunction with the American Red Cross will transition the locations and staffing of the three remaining general population shelters to new locations on Sunday, October 16, 2016 at Noon. This transition is intended to maintain adequate shelter space for residents, while at the same time providing Pitt County Schools with an opportunity to evaluate their options for resuming regular operational schedules.

Current shelters will move into the auxiliary gymnasiums at the following schools:

  • E.B. Aycock Middle to J.H. Rose High School, 600 W Arlington Blvd, Greenville, NC 27834
  • Wellcome Middle to North Pitt High School, 5659 NC-11 S, Bethel, NC 27812
  • Hope Middle to Ayden Grifton High School, 7653 NC-11 S, Ayden, NC 28513

The new shelter locations will be established throughout the day on Saturday, October 15, by Red Cross staff to help ensure a smooth transition of shelter residents on Sunday. From this transition forward, Red Cross staff will assume primary responsibilities within all three shelter locations.

The county has also lifted a curfew in unincorporated areas which began back on Oct. 8th.

Regular updates on all Pitt County efforts related to Hurricane Matthew response and recovery, will be posted on the Pitt County Website at, as well as the Pitt County Twitter feed via @pittcountync. Information will also be broadcasted on the County’s public Information television channel, PittTv (Suddenlink Cable Channel 13).

ECU:  East Carolina University classes will resume Tuesday, according to a news release sent out by the university.

ECU employees will begin Condition 1 of the UNC-system Adverse Weather and Emergency Event Policy at 5 p.m. Friday and continue until 5 p.m. Monday.

The university is asking students to delay returning to Grenville until after 12 p.m. on Sunday as some major roads in and around Greenville are expected to be closed due to flooding through Saturday.

Students living off-campus can go to the city of Greenville website ( to determine if their housing has been affected by flood waters and when it will be accessible.

The university said students who have been impacted by flooding and need help finding alternate living arrangements can contact the Dean of Students Office at 252-328-9297. Students who are unable to return to campus due to flooding in other areas of the state may also contact the Dean of Students Office.

ECU has established a call center at 252-737-5100 for students, parents and employees who have non-emergency questions related to Hurricane Matthew. It will be staffed until 5 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. On Twitter, they ask people use #ECUMatthew with questions.

ECU will open a disaster recovery center to aid affected students and employees, and they will announce details regarding that Monday.

Washington County: Curfew lifted in Town of Creswell.

Wayne County: EMS Teams have established a medical support shelter at the O’Berry Neuro Medical Center in Goldsboro to meet needs of patients in those flooded areas who are too sick for general shelters, but not in need of the acute care services of a hospital. Some were evacuated from homes or care facilities, and others were discharged from hospitals but unable to return to their homes.

As Wayne County continues to respond to this historical flooding event, the Emergency Operations Center wants to share some additional updates:

Wayne County Libraries/Buildings Hours of Operation:

Goldsboro Library 8:30 – 5 PM

Pikeville/Fremont Library Regular Hours

Mount Olive Library 8:30 – 5 PM

Veteran’s Office & Literacy Connections: Regular Hours beginning Wednesday

Services on Aging / Peggy M. Seegers Senior Center: 9-6 PM and Saturday 10 AM – 2:30 PM

Storm Debris

Due to power issues, eight of the thirteen Convenience Sites are without power, and therefore cannot compact waste. Because the sites cannot handle a large volume of waste, only household waste can be received. Recycling should not be brought to Convenience Sites until further notice. Residents who are cleaning up from Matthew, or who will later be cleaning up after the flooded rivers recede, should take any storm debris, such as carpet, furniture, or other damaged household items, to the Wayne County Landfill, located at 460 S Landfill Rd in Dudley.

Please note: Those who live on the northern side of the county should wait until the river recedes before attempting to take any storm debris to the landfill. NCDOT is also requesting that residents on the county sanitation system should not place storm debris beside roadways as  county sanitation crews are not providing curb pick-up service until further notice.

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