6 protesters of new North Carolina immigration law arrested

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Six people have been led away by Raleigh police after they blocked vehicle traffic in front of North Carolina’s Executive Mansion to protest a bill signed by Gov. Pat McCrory addressing immigration identification and sanctuary cities.

The demonstrators entered the roadway late Thursday afternoon, urged on by a crowd on the sidewalk that grew to over 200.

The six interlocked their hands inside pieces of long plastic piping, shackled their legs and sat down. Raleigh police needed equipment to cut through the piping to handcuff the demonstrators. The last arrest occurred at sunset.

Raleigh police didn’t immediately provide details on any charges.

McCrory signed legislation Wednesday prohibiting government officials from accepting certain consulate ID cards and local governments from approving policies preventing a person from being asked their immigration status.

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