Biden’s out: The world (and rivals) react

WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – Vice President Biden’s decision not to run for the White House caught many reporters, staffers, and even once potential rival presidential candidates off guard.

Within minutes of wrapping up his announcement not to run at a ceremony at the White House, several Biden supporters, opponents, and members of Congress used to Twitter to voice their surprise.

Republicans, including GOP front-runner Donald Trump, are calling Biden’s decision a blow to Democrats who hope to hold onto the White House in 2016.

Recent polls indicated Mr. Biden would have had an uphill battle to capture the Democratic nomination.

Most surveys, including those taken after the first Democratic debate, showed him trailing both former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Both front-runners weighed in after the announcement.

Speculation had reached new heights this week that the vice president would jump into the race.

Members of Congress had even declared they knew for fact Biden was running.

Among those now calling back their predictions are those who claimed to know firsthand Biden was setup to run.

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